Moulding Material Testing

Moulding material testing and consulting- Feel with the hand …

Experienced molders used this technique to determine whether the prepared molding material has the right molding properties. In the meantime, the technology has advanced and the requirements for the molding material and a uniform quality have increased

With today’s requirements, this test method is no longer sufficient to achieve a molding material that is optimally matched to production. The molding material plays a central role in the process chain for the production of castings.

The goal must be to achieve a uniform molding material for production.
This means:

  • Suitable fot the molding line
  • Dimensionally accurate contour reproduction of the models
  • Stability douring casting
  • Good discharge behavior
  • Reduction of scarp, the result is improved productivity
  • Resource saving and economical

The molding material is a tool to produce a casting. And tools need to be inspected/maintained to function consistently.

In the molding laboratory, we offer comprehensive testing on the following materials.

  • Mold base materials / input materials
  • Bentonite bonded molding materials
  • Chemically bonded molding materials
  • Regenerate
  • Dust
  • Refractory materials

Inadequate monitoring of the input- and molding materials often leads casting defects to molding material-related. The analysis of molding material characteristics of clay- and resin-bonded sands as well as their input materials reveals sources of defects and assists in determining the cause of casting defects. This makes it possible to prepare a consistent molding material during regular analyses.

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